On Tuesday morning, a firefighter from Keokuk County was driving his wife to an Iowa City Hospital to give birth. But, making it to the hospital wasn’t in the cards for Ashley and Jeremiah Hoylman. Jeremiah, the father, called 911 and asked for an ambulance, but there wasn’t time for that either. Ashley was going to give birth before any help could arrive. But luckily for the family, Pam Johnson, the Iowa County dispatcher who received their call, was there to walk them through the process of giving birth. Jeremiah used his shirt to wrap the baby, and a pants drawstring to tie off the umbilical cord. The baby was born healthy, and according to the parents, quickly and easily. Johnson says, although nerve wracking, it was easy for her too. She guided the parents through the birth process with cards that laid out the steps. Here the full story firsthand from Pam Johnson during an In Touch with Southeast Iowa program next week, celebrating Telecommunicators Appreciation Week.

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