The Washington County Board of Supervisors conducted a second reading of an ordinance for the establishment of a countywide Local Option Sales and Services Tax.  Washington County Auditor Bill Fredrick says this tax would take effect after July first of next year in the cities of Ainsworth, Crawfordsville, Wellman, West Chester, Brighton and Riverside.  This tax will expire June 30th, 2022 in Brighton and Riverside.

The tax will be continuous in the other communities in Washington County and will not expire unless a governing body decides to end it or it ends through another election.  The Supervisors also passed a resolution to authorize an internal advance to a Tax Increment Fund.

The over thirty-six hundred dollars will be added to another sixty thousand in funds being used to offset legal fees spent against the city of Riverside’s lawsuit against the county.

The Supervisors were scheduled to do another official canvass of the Riverside City Council Member recount but this was not necessary as there was no change in the final results.

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