The Washington Streets Committee is seeking input from the public regarding a possible change to Madison Street in Washington.  Committee Chair and City Councilor Karen Wilson-Johnson says this informal meeting is to gather opinions from anyone who uses Madison Street regarding the possible change in the lane configuration to three lanes instead of four.  She says the plans from the Iowa Department of Transportation show one lane in each direction with a center turn lane going from East 2nd Street to the Highway 1 interchange.

Wilson-Johnson says this change could happen after IDOT resurfaces Madison Street in fiscal year 2012 if city officials authorize the plan.  She says many residents who live along the affected stretch of road that initially expressed concern are now more in favor of the project.

Wilson-Johnson says a buffer zone between the curb and sidewalk would be also added to create greater safety for pedestrians.  She adds the new lane configuration might slow down traffic as well. This informal meeting will be tonight at 7:00 in the old public library.

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