The Iowa Basketball Coaches Association put on their All-Star Saturday featuring many of the top seniors from around the state. The state was split in four and four teams were selected for boys and girls regardless of class. On the girls side, Washington Head Coach Phil Long and Sigourney Head Coach Jenny Hobbs coached the Southeast squad. They lost their first game to the Northeast 71-60. In that game Keokuk’s Shelsey Stanley had 16 points and Lone Tree’s Courtney Burr had 10. In the consolation game, the Southeast lost to the Southwest 74-55.

On the boys side, Mid-Prairie’s Michael Aldeman, Mount Pleasant’s Henry Kreiger-Coble and Scott Hahn, and Sigourney’s Andrew Utterback were selected, Utterback wasn’t able to play. In talking with Sigourney Track and Field Head Coach Mark Shilb, he had mentioned Utterback was coming back from an injury. In the Southeast squads frist game they lost to the Northeast 131-70. Henry Kreiger-Coble had 22, Scott Hahn had 8 and Michael Aldeman had three points.

In the consolation game the Southeast beat the Northwest 93-83. Aldeman had 15 in that game.

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