Last week, the US House of Representatives passed an amendment preventing the Federal funding of E15.  Congressman Dave Loebsack says he did not support this amendment.  He says “the use of E15 is a step in the right direction for Iowa’s homegrown fuels and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.”

Steve Klein owner of the County-Line Mart in Keota says he does not see this amendment hurting his sales.  He says business will remain the same.  Klein says businesses that are already selling the E15 blend will not see a loss in sales because of this amendment.

He says had this amendment not passed, the use of E15 would have been beneficial to the renewable fuels market and would have provided an opportunity to expand the use of ethanol.  Congressman Loebsack says that if this amendment would not have passed, we could have broadened America’s homegrown biofuels business and supported good-paying jobs for Iowans and others across the US.

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