The Washington County Board of Supervisors met in regular session yesterday morning, and during the meeting they held a discussion regarding right-of-way acquisition of land on 275th Street.  Secondary Roads Assistant Engineer Jacob Thorius shared they are wanting to upgrade 275th Street between Elm Avenue and Fir Avenue as part of their 5-year plan.  He says they need to acquire enough land to make the road 80 foot wide.

Thorius says after meeting with the four land owners last summer all of them agreed at that time to the project.  He says after surveying the land and preparing the project designs, Thorius spoke with the land owners and three of the four are still willing to go forward with the project.

He says one land owner feels the roads department is taking too much ground.  After a lengthy discussion between Thorius and the Supervisors, it was decided the Secondary Roads Department should go back to that land owner to discuss prices for the ground before going forward with the project.

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