Rick Marlar

press play to hear from Marlar

An over-the-road truck driver from Wayland plans to challenge Becky Schmitz for Iowa’s 45th District Senate seat.

Rick Marlar had originally planned to run as an independent, but was asked by the GOP to run as a Republican.

Marlar says getting government spending under control would be one of his top priorities. He says part of that would come from a change in the way politicians raise money. Marlar came out the offensive when asked by KCII News why he would be a better candidate than incumbent Becky Schmitz

He points to a time when Schmitz secured $75,000 for the Fairfield Airport. Marlar says it might not sound like a lot of money, but if elected officials secure money for such projects all over Iowa, it detracts from other, more vital state needs.

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